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At Falcon Waste we pride ourself on our customer service and safety. We aim to exceed all of our customers needs by consistently monitoring the customers individual plan from start to finish. We will work with our clients to develop a plan to best suit your needs.

Falcon Waste has various experience from small local one off jobs to national companies. By using competitive pricing and reliable service we have developed a positive rapport with many of our customers.

Our Waste services include the delivery and pickup of bins as well as the transport of the waste. Some of the waste services we offer include but are not limited to

Services we provide

General waste

General Waste are materials that can’t be recycled/recovered


Recyclable materials include those that can be reused or repurposed 

Demolition waste

Demolition waste consists of that is produced on a demo site 

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is that of which can be harmful or pose threats to the public or environment 

Liquid Waste

Liquid Waste is considered to be any form of Liquids

ie: Oils, Paints

Construction Waste

Construction waste consists of materials that are displaced in a construction or demolition worksite

ie: Rocks, dirt, trees, timbers

Secure Destruction

Secure destruction includes the disposal of confidential waste. This means it is disposed of with fully tracked and documented systems in place to ensure confidentiality. 

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal is  a recyclable material. This will depend of the amount of metal present and if their is any other materials with it.

ie: Steel, aluminium, cooper, zinc ect


Our bins

We offer several sizes of bin depth for the various different projects.

Smaller bins we have are 15m3

Bin size

Our large bin is 30m3

Bin size m

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